Karen May..Single mom of 3 trying to find a way to provide more for her Kids and herself….

Working in natural skin care and vitamin supplements she have grown to love essential oils and there benefits.
Suffering from headaches more often had me making sure I always had peppermint oil within my reach, it wasn’t easy always carrying my 1 ounce bottle around it can be messy if not secured properly.
The key chained essential oil was an idea that came to me while at the car wash. Now I always have my peppermint at hand and so can others..With

Scents On The Go

Now …along comes long time friend…Colleen Doll to help out with the interworkings of online marketing..

Although Dave and I spend most of our time out at Sea..

Commercial Divers for Sea Cucumbers and Aquarium Collection

We have come to love and understand what are NATURAL spices, Things from the Sea ,Like Seaweed and Essential Oils from our plants can do for all of us.

Which can be used for a seaweed bath, and some people swear by the efficiency of the baths for rheumatism and arthritis.

As we are all learning in the Western Civilization, we are slowly killing ourselves with

Hormone injections, pesticides, etc that we are using to grow more faster..

As a result we are eating SuperSize portions causing an epidemic of overweight Children as well as adults.. and the hormones injected in things like our cows are making things grow (like cancer cells) much faster.

Although our main focus now is to create a product that will help us all NATURALLY with things such as sleep, anxiety, headaches…using Essential Oils…

This isn’t something new we just came up with..we are just listening to age old remedies that actually work..

In hopes are small efforts will educate and create a new way of living and taking care of our bodies..

Don’t forget we only get one, this time around!

To make this a little easier for everyone we have created

Scents On The Go…Essential Oils on a keychain

.“Scents On The Go” is a small company of three women who like so many others fell in love with these essential oils. As their popularity started to rise we discovered that we all have our favorites for different reasons.  While enjoying our diffusors at home we thought about “how can we take our beloved essential oils with us in an easy compact way”.  Hence, the birth of “Scents On The Go”, key chained attached essential oils.  Where ever you go..


Coming Soon are Essential Oils for Weight follow us!

Love you Guys!

Karen May


Colleen Doll


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