Are You The Turtle or The Hare?

Are You The Turtle or The Hare?

turtle and the hair

We are going to break this online Business Wide Open with Leaders League 360
but first… I want to share a post from one of our leaders..Mike Crosby
“How do I get referrals Mark?”
A question I am asked a lot!
Well, to build a team, you need to be consistent, persistent in building up an online presence and develop your own personal strategy.
Internet marketing is a bit like Texas Holdem poker, there’s plenty ways to play, but you’ll never achieve true long term success until you develop your own personal style you are comfortable with, build it into your lifestyle like it’s just “something you do” during your day, and stay open minded to constant improvements.
Whatever you might currently believe, making money online is NOT for lazy people! So if you’re not fully 100% committed to being a success, you’ll only be beaten to the punch by the ones who are.
Because THAT’s how it works, if you’re not getting any results, it’s only because you are being OUT WORKED by others, whether it’s fighting for a spot in the search engines, or fighting for attention in social media…. Whoever wins that war, get’s leads, prospects, sales, signups, money and glory baby!
There’ll be times you want to quit, there’ll be times you question whether internet marketing is for you at all….
If you’re going to be even moderately successful, there’ll even be times you have a major headache because you can’t stop thinking about what it is you’re doing wrong, and why you just can’t get signups.
But that is why us marketers do it…. not because it’s easy… but because we are FUELED to grab a challenge by the scruff of the neck and say “f*** you!”
Because we understand it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat someone who never quits.
There’s generally three groups of people online, those who don’t want to learn, those who do actually learn but take little action, and the small minority who learn while constantly putting into practice what they’ve learned.
You’ll find all successful marketers are in the 3rd group.
Whether it’s that job you hate, your current lack of freedom in your life, or the burning need to rise above most others in your life! You need to understand what your fuel is, and remember that when you’re faced with obstacles, because they’re coming…. and in numbers!
No obstacle is going to beat me any time soon, because I’ll take that headache any day if need be to overcome the bastard!
Welcome to Leaders League 360, where we’re going to give you everything you need to learn your skills, put them into practice, and develop the mindset to overcome any internet marketing obstacle that will ever come your way.
So Which Are You The Turtle Or The Hare?
Colleen Doll

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